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Geomat Geobag Is a pouch / bag filled with soil / sand locally so that the shape pads are used instead of conventional coastal protection structures, dams and rivers. Made of geotextile (woven or non woven). Size of Geomat Geobag Can Be Made In accordance with Demand. Geobag Stitched With Yarn Strong So Not Easily [… View More]

INTRODUCTION : Polyvinil Chloride (PVC) membrane waterproof membrane is a kind of polymer compound waterproof membrane compound of polyvinyl chloride colophony, plasticizer, stabilizing agent, ultra violet radiation (UV) resistance agent, all kind of dyes and other agent PERFORMANCE : Good Mechanical properties, high tear strength, deformation and adaptable, puncture resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet-resistant, anti oil and [… View More]

Polyester Non Woven geotextile adhesion composite geogrid When geogrid/geomembranes are combined with woven or non woven geotextile for specific application like drainage,erosion control,bank embankment,etc. Then they are designed as Geocomposite. – A typital example is bentonite geocomposite – It consists bentonite filled pores when this geotextile come in contact with water the bentonite causes the [… View More]

    GABION BOX Zinc coated box gabions Box gabion consist of rectangular units, fabricated form a double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc coated wire. The wire quality and the zinc coating meet all international specification. The mesh panels are reinforced at all edges with wires, to strengthen them and to facilitate construction. [… View More]

  PRINCIPLE OF VERTICAL DRAINS As weak soils are mostly made up of impermeable silty and clay layers, consolidation may take many years to complete. To make the consolidation time much shorter, vertical drains are installed at close spacing and shortening the flow path of the water to quickly remove excess pore water from the [… View More]

MAIN APLICATION : Constructing new roads and repairing damage Section of asphalt surface of road, motor ways, Parking, Airport surface and access ways Expanding thoroughfares and road lanes Asphalt reinforcing at locations subject to Intensive vehicle braking or accelerating, ADVANTAGES : HI Tensile Strength Limited Elongation Rate Filtration and Drainage Low Creeping Deformation Low Installation [… View More]

GEOMAT GEOGRID brand name, wich is manufactured by polymer resin coating after weaving/knitting with high streght and low elongation industrial polyester yarns, has the excellent creep behaviour and durability in civil engineering applications GEOMAT GEOGRID is made from basic materials polyester multifilament high tenacity yarn. GEOMAT GEOGRID are used almost entirely for reinforcement. Their large [… View More]

GENERAL INFORMATION GEOMAT WOVEN GEOTEXTILE material made of polypropylene which has excellent physical and durability for technical application FUNCTION Separation Filtration Drainage Reinforcement Erosion Control APPLICATION Road/Industrial Area Prevention of mixture between good and bad quality soil; Support reinforcement in the ground; Prevention of mud pumping Ebankment/Bank’Slope/Retaining Walls Prevention of uneven settlement and support reinforcement. [… View More]

GEOMAT NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE is spun bonded non woven fabric. Especially GEOMAT has excellent physical properties and durability for technical application. Our company has many experience for more than 20 years since 1995 and high technology on the application of GEOMAT NON WOVEN. SEPARATION GEOMAT NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE is installed between two different soils and [… View More]

Geomat HD series is commonly used for landfills, mining, or wastewater treatment to isolate hazardous materials. It has strong strength tp prevent from permeability, and it is chemical/ UV degradation resistant.   APPLICATION Landfill The HDPE geomembrane is resistant and impermeable for most hazardous material. It Protects the ground water and soil from contamination.   [… View More]

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