Polyester Non Woven geotextile adhesion composite geogrid

When geogrid/geomembranes are combined with woven or non woven geotextile for specific application like drainage,erosion control,bank embankment,etc.

Then they are designed as Geocomposite.

– A typital example is bentonite geocomposite

– It consists bentonite filled pores when this geotextile come in contact with water the bentonite causes the pores to swell therby forming water tight sheets.

– Glass fibers are knitted on to the non woven geotextiles to enable better use in highway applications.


Geomat  Composite Geogrid is a compound product made of PP geogrid and PET geotextile,especially designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. The composite geogrids are manufactured by bonding a biaxial geogrid to a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile.


  • Improving bearing capacity of road foundation and prolong its service life
  • Preventing road surface from subsiding and cracking
  • Be convenient for construction, reducing cost and maintaining expense for the project
  • Providing stability for slopes and avoid the losing of the water and soil

Application Range

  • It can widely apply in the water conservation, the municipal administration,
  • the building,the transportation, the subway,the tunnel,
  • the environmental protection and so on.
  • Road construction. Applied in road to improve stability and bearing capacity, prevent deformation and crack
  • 2 Retaining wall. Applied in retaining wall to improve bearing capacity
  • 3 Soil foundation reinfrocement. Improve bearing capacity and cotrol sedimentation.
  • 4 Slope reinfrocement. Protect the slope from collapse.
  • 5 Landfill. Applied in landfilled to effectively solve the foundation problems such as uneven settlement, derivative gas emissions


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