Zinc coated box gabions

Box gabion consist of rectangular units, fabricated form a double-twist, hexagonal mesh of soft annealed, heavily zinc coated wire. The wire quality and the zinc coating meet all international specification. The mesh panels are reinforced at all edges with wires, to strengthen them and to facilitate construction. Gabions may be divided into sell by fitting diaphgrams which have the function of reinforcing the structure and making assembly and eraction easier.

Zine coated box gabion with PVC sleeve

The characteristic of these product are similar to those of the zinc-coated gabions : however the wire, prior to manufacturing the mesh, is coated with a 0.4 to 0.6 mm thick specials PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) continuous sheath. A Complete protection against possible corrosion is thus obtained making the gabions suitable for use in marine or polluted enviroments

Diaphragms are always recommended when gabions are subject to continuous stress censed by wave motion, or high water velocity, etc. Filled with stone, gabions become a large, flexible and permeable building block from which a broad range of structures may be built.



The DUNGLIDA sack gabions are mainly used for river and stream training works.

They are made up of a single sheet of mesh and are supplied with steel wire spirals a) inserted during the installation procedure, b) The characteristics of mesh, wire, zine and PVC coating are identical to those of box gabions


Wire mesh netting is often used to prevent to prevent rocks and debris from falling on to roads and railways. This solution can also help to establish vegetation.

DUNGLIDA rockfall mesh has the same characteristic as that used for gabions and Reno mattresses.

Thanks to the double-twist weaving, it is strong enough to withstand the force of the falling rocks and, unlike chain-link mesh, does not unravel should some of the wires break.


Zinc coated Reno mattress

The Reno mattress is special form of gabion with a large plan area/thickness ratio. It is fabricated from a similar but smaller double-twist hexagonal mesh to the use to manufacture the gabions. The wire characteristic are the same. Diaphragms are spaced usually at 1.00 m centres, and a continuous panel of mesh form the base, the side and the end walls of the unit to obtain an open-topped multicell container.

The same mesh is used for the base, diaphragms, and the separate lid (made up with mesh panels or mesh rolls). All panel adges are selvedged with a wire of large diameter than that used for the mesh, so as to strengthen the structure.

Zinc coated Reno mattress with PVC sleeve

The wire of the Reno mattress can be coated with PVC in the same manner as that for gabions.


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