Geomat Geobag Is a pouch / bag filled with soil / sand locally so that the shape pads are used instead of conventional coastal protection structures, dams and rivers. Made of geotextile (woven or non woven). Size of Geomat Geobag Can Be Made In accordance with Demand. Geobag Stitched With Yarn Strong So Not Easily Broken.


  1. Practical and easy to install
  2. Muffle the ocean waves
  3. Efficient and effective
  4. Can be filled with local materials
  5. Can accommodate differential settlement
  6. As an abrasion retaining latch


  1. Protective Abrasion Beach
  2. The embankment retaining backfill material
  3. Breakwater beach, jetty, breakwater, dam and river
  4. Wetland Construction
  5. Scour Protection of underwater Structures
  6. Riverbanks Prone To Erosive Scour

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