GEOMAT GEOGRID brand name, wich is manufactured by polymer resin coating after weaving/knitting with high streght and low elongation industrial polyester yarns, has the excellent creep behaviour and durability in civil engineering applications

GEOMAT GEOGRID is made from basic materials polyester multifilament high tenacity yarn.

GEOMAT GEOGRID are used almost entirely for reinforcement. Their large aperture size limits their effectiveness as a filtration layer unless used with widley graded soil with the most coare materials (gravel or rocks) adjacent to the gird. The high tensile strenght that geogrids process make them ideal for reinforcement applications

Characteris & Advantages

  • High resistance to creep under constant stress
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High surviabillity to earthquake
  • High long term design tensile strength
  • Cost saving compared with conventional retaining wall system
  • Reduction of construction period
  • Uniform stress distribution in MD/CD
  • Rapid and simple construction


  • Slope Reinforcement
  • Basal Reinforcement
  • Ground Stabilization

– Reinforcements of embankment fills and earth dams

– Construction of bridge abutment and overpass way

– Reinforcement of shallow foundation

– Beneath aggregate in unpaved roads

– Repairing slope failures and landslides

– Reinforcement of earth retaining structures

– Construction mattresses for fills over soft soils

– As gabions for erosion control structures


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