Geomat HD series is commonly used for landfills, mining, or wastewater treatment to isolate hazardous materials. It has strong strength tp prevent from permeability, and it is chemical/ UV degradation resistant.



  1. Landfill

The HDPE geomembrane is resistant and impermeable for most hazardous material. It Protects the ground water and soil from contamination.

     2. Tunneling

The HDPE geomembrane is flexible and waterproofing. It is very suitable for tunneling.

      3. Tank

The HDPE geomembrane can be used as the liner in the concrete or steel thanks to prevent from seepage loss.

      4. Pond

HDPE geomembrane can be used as various kind of pond, such as reservoirs, golf course article pond, garden ponds, agricultural ponds and aqua farms.

      5. Irrigation Canal

HDPE geomembrane can be used as Liner to prevent from degradation and seepage

      6. Mining

The HDPE geomembrane can prevent ground water and soil from contaminated by chemical solution used for extracting the precious metal.

       7. Other

The Polyethlene geomembrane can be applied to highways, railroads and the embankments of oceans, river or dams. It is also used as a cover of dangerous fume exhalation.

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