As weak soils are mostly made up of impermeable silty and clay layers, consolidation may take many years to complete.
    To make the consolidation time much shorter, vertical drains are installed at close spacing and shortening the flow path of the water to quickly remove excess pore water from the saturated soils. Throughtout this consolidation process, the soil will increased in shear strength and the foundation of the structure will continue to shift until the soil has completely settled.
    DRAIN CORE is made from 100% polypropylene (or HDPE) continuous channel (or cuspated), which provides longitudinal (and latitudinal) flow path along the drain with high tensile strength and compressive strength.
    The core is tightly wrapped with a strong and durable non-woven filter fabric selected for its excellent filtration properties
    FILTER JACKET is made from 100% polyprophylene (or polyester) spunbonded non-woven fabrics with special hydrophilicity treated.
    The filter jacket allows free access of prove water into the drain core, while preventing, clogging and piping of fines from adjacent soils. And it can withstand and tensile stresses and abrasion that occurs during installation.
    The filter tightly wrapped around the core , and securely (ultrasionically) welded in order not to introduce any new materials that will impede flow in the channels of the core.
    Harbor construction, Land reclamation, Road construction for soil stabilization.
    DUNGDRAIN is installed by either a crane of hydraulic excavator with a mandrel.
    The drain is threaded into the mandrel and in held in place at the base of the mandrel by an anchor plate.
    The mandrel is the driven into the soil to the desired depth. When the mandrel is being extracted, the anchor plate retains the drain in the soil. After the mandrel fully extracted, the drain is cut off above the ground surface.
    Then a new anchor plate is attached and the mast is repositioned over the next layout location and the process begins again.

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